Ayurved, the eternal health care system stands unwavered even today. It is the Anaditva, Anantatva and Shashvatatva of Ayurved that stands the test of time. The health care system presently in vogue is of a much recent origin and it keeps changing with changing times; whereas Ayurved has been perpetual in its health aspects and treatment principles. The external factors affecting the mind and the body vary with time but the body as such remains the same. Instead of trying to modify the body response to such vulnerable issues, the best assurance can be sought by strengthening the body itself.

The tissues and the elements which make the human body have been constant right from the birth of the human race. Hence the substances which build them are also constant; and so are the entities of the nature. The tissues of the human body have always been positively responsive to the affable elements of nature. Ayurved utilizes all such natural substances to regulate and normalize the functioning of the tissues

With the basic principles of Ayurved in the forefront, Amrita Drugs started with the motto of providing quality Ayurvedic drugs to the Ayurvedic physician. With regular feed back from the physicians, Amrita Drugs is constantly engaged in making its preparations perfect and best in quality.

Adhering strictly to the Good Manufacturing Practices, Amrita Drugs is bounded by self conscience to bring out procedurally standardized products. Constant strict vigilance ensures that each and every batch brings out medicines with constant content proportions. This is further assured by regular testing of the prepared drugs at the in-house Quality Control Laboratory.

The products manufactured at Amrita Drugs are designed to give optimum convenience to the physician and the patient, as the active ingredient content is appropriately maintained. Most of the times consuming a lower dose of the active ingredient is as good as not consuming the medicine at all. With the dosage which Amrita Drugs provides, the patient compliance has been reportedly on the higher side.

Ayurved, the eternal health care system has stood steadfast for at least past five millennia and has helped billions. Although, our company is a toddler in comparison, we have made a brief effort to explain what we have understood.

Ayurved, beautifully explained as without a beginning (Anaditva), without an end (Anantatva) and through its perpetual existence (Shashvatava) through time has understood deep inter-linkages in nature to give the world its true meaning. In this process of discovery, it has managed to help humanity in the most effective way.

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