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Growth and development
Products utilized in Growth and development
Growth and development  >> Amrita Kaya Kalpa Rasayan
Common Name Botanical Name / English Name Quantity Product Image
Vidarikanda Ipomoea digitata L. 50 mg
Swarnamakshika Bhasma Calx of copper pyrites 5 mg
Kanta Loha Bhasma Magnetic iron Calx 5 mg
Moti Pishti Calx of Pearl 5 mg
Yashada Bhasma Calx of Zinc 5 mg
Vanga Bhasma Calx of Tin 5 mg
Pippali Piper longum L. 40 mg
Ashwagandha Withania somnifera (L.) Dunal 25 mg
Shankhapushpi Convolvulus pluricaulis Chois. 20 mg
Yashtimadhu Glycyrrhiza glabra L. 20 mg
Makaradhwaja Red sulphide of mercury 2 mg
Javitri Myristica dactyloides auct. non Gaertn. 2 mg
Katuki Picrorhiza kurroa Royle ex Benth. 15 mg
Gokshura Tribulus terrestris L. 15 mg
Punarnava Boerhavia diffusa L. 15 mg
Jayaphala Myristica dactyloides auct. non Gaertn. 10 mg
Swarna Bhasma Calx of Gold 1 mg
Abhraka Bhasma--Shatputi - 5 mg
Loha Bhasma-Shatputi - 5 mg
Grinding with (Bhavana)
Shatavari juice (Asparagus racemosus Willd.) q.s.
Indications / Actions
  • Rejuvinator
  • Acts as an immuno-modulator in cases of HIV or any other immuno-compromised conditions like tuberculosis, diabetics etc.
  • Improves Quality of Life
  • Supplements growth and development
  • Acts as an Anti-oxidant
  • Supplies Micro-nutrients & Synergises actions of other Ayurvedic drugs
  • Post operative energy booster
  • Effective adjuvant therapy in auto-immune disorders
Active drug : 250 mg Tablet
Dose : 1 to 2 Tab two times a day early in morning and evening
With (Anupana) : Warm water/milk
Available in : Bottled Pack of 30 Tab, 60 Tab, and 100 Tab
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